Tunisian Student Jailed for Media Interview: Free Soudani

Mohamed Soudani disappeared on October 22, 2009 after giving interviews to R M C and RFI .He
disappeared for 18 days until Tunisia’s police informed his afmily that he is detained in the Murnaguiya
We also knew that he was put on trial and convicted for “disorderly conduct” during his detentionand that he had appealed his sentence.During his court appearance on December 6, Soudani denied the charges filed against him and stated that he was tortured during his extrajudicial detention. His lawyers asked for a recess to study the case and his release on bail. The release request was denied while his trial was adjourned till December 14, 2009

Please support the campaign for Mohamed Soudani by joining this facebook group , post the story on your blog or  add  the following badge :

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